How to duplicate a Form

Learn how to make an copy of a form.

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  • All forms on your web console can be duplicated.

  • This is useful in instances where you need to create a new form that is similar to one you have created in the past.

Follow the steps below to duplicate a form:

Step 1

  • Navigate to the forms list by clicking on the Forms menu item on the left-hand side of your screen.

  • From the list of existing forms, click on the form you would like to duplicate.

  • This will open it in edit mode.

Top tip: you can press Ctrl + F to use the browser's search bar to search for a form by name.

Step 3

  • Double-check all of the content and then choose to duplicate the form by clicking on Duplicate (located in the top right-hand corner, next to the Save button).

  • Once the form has been duplicated, it will load the copied form, allowing you to edit it straight away.

  • The title of the form will have the words Copy of in front of the original form title to easily differentiate the copy from the old form.

  • The copied form will also have the status of Draft until you save it, at which point, it will have the status of Live.

  • Make the changes as required (including deleting the word Copy from the title) and then press Save to save the form.

Before saving, remember to complete the following:

  • Select the group/s that the form should be visible to on the Forms screen of the app.

  • Set the recipient/s of the form submissions by selecting a name or names under the Send submission notifications to.

  • Determine who else should receive the form submissions based different criteria selected when the form is filled in and submitted. This is known as adding conditional notifications.

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