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Using the Interview Scheduler
How to use the Interview Scheduler to schedule parent-teacher interviews
How to use the Interview Scheduler to schedule parent-teacher interviews

How to use the Interview Scheduler for your next round of parent-teacher interviews.

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  • Access the Interview Scheduler by clicking on the icon in the main menu on the lefthand side of your web console screen.

How to create an interview schedule with Audiri

  • Once you're in the Interview Scheduler area, click on the Create an Interview Schedule button.

  • A new event builder template will appear.

  • Fill out the form prompts under General Details.

    • Event title

    • Description

    • Host/teacher (You will be able to choose the host/teacher via a dropdown list. This person must be added in the Users area before setting up the event.)

  • Once all prompts have been completed, click the next section button.

    • This will take you to the next section, as well as verify the information you have already entered.

  • Continue with the following sections:

  • Attendance, RSVP & Appointment settings –

    • This section gives you access to RSVP settings, allows you to add an "RSVP by" date and allocate appointment durations.

  • Date, time & location –

    • In this section you can fill in a start and end date for your event.

    • You can also choose to use the same schedule of daily hours for the duration of the event or you can set custom hours for each day of your event.

    • Lastly, you must add an address (mandatory) for your event.

  • Invitees & attachments –

    • In this section you can add attendees one by one or in batches by adding groups (e.g. Grade 1 Parents group).

      • Attendees must be added in the Users area before setting up the event.

    • You can also add document attachments and web links.

  • Notification settings –

    • Use the checkboxes to indicate how you wish to notify invitees about the event.

    • Clicking Next Section will allow you move on to publish the event.

    • It is highly recommended that you scroll up and check all the details before clicking Publish Event.

  • A box will appear confirming publication of the event.

View/edit the list of events you have created

  • When you navigate to the Interview Scheduler area from the main menu on the web console, you will see a list of all the events you have created.

  • To view a specific event's details or to edit the event, you can either:

    • Click on the event to open it and then click on the pencil icon on the top of the page to edit the event.

    • Or you can click on the cogwheel icon that appears on the righthand side of the list.

To review attendees and incoming RSVPs

  • Navigate to the Interview Scheduler page (as above).

  • Click on the name of the event to open its editable page.

  • At the top of the screen, there will be two headings:

    • Event details

    • Attendees.

  • Click on Attendees.

  • This will open a new screen that shows a list of people who received invitations and their invitation status, including:

    • Accepted

    • Rejected

    • No response

    • Deleted

  • To search for specific invitees, click the search bar at the top of the screen.

    • You can search by name or email.

  • You can also filter invitees by attendance status by clicking on the different attendance statuses:

  • Accepted

  • Rejected

  • No response

  • Deleted

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