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Share the load with Group Managers
Share the load with Group Managers

Learn more about using group managers to save time.

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  • Use group managers to allow trusted people to take the lead in communicating to their groups.

  • This feature enables you to provide select users with access to communicate to one or more groups.


What is a Group Manager?

  • A group manager is a user who has been assigned permission to manage any open or restricted groups in your group list.

  • A group manager can do the following for groups they manage:

    • Create and manage posts from the web console or the Audiri app including:

      • Creating image galleries

      • Sharing PDFs, forms and more.

    • Create and manage events to display in the Audiri Calendar (on the app).

    • Create and manage forms, as well as view and process completed form submissions in the web console.

Note: Access on the main menu is limited to Posts, Events and Forms.

Benefits of using group managers

Here are a few benefits of using group managers:

  • Increase efficiency by using group managers to reduce an admin's workload and streamline communications.

    • If you are constantly juggling multiple communications with multiple groups or classes, use this to empower your team and teachers to take the lead in communicating with their own groups/classes.

  • Communicate in real time. Group Managers can post from the app, enabling them to post announcements and updates on the go.

    • As an added benefit, they create an image gallery for their post in the app.

  • Reduce administrative work. Not only posts, but also forms and events can be managed through Group Managers.

    • Even with limited access, a group manager can create forms and access form submissions from both the web console and through email.

Note: Group Managers cannot post to any categories or groups they are not managing.

How to add group managers

  • Group lists are found on the Groups page.

    • To navigate to the Groups page, click on the All Features menu item on the lefthand side of your web console.

    • A page with different features will appear.

    • Click on the card for Groups.

    • The Groups page will open, displaying a list of all the groups you have created.

  • From the main Groups screen, you can view the group managers for each group in the column called Group managers.

Step 1

  • Navigate to the Groups page as per the above instructions.

Step 2

  • Click on an existing group to edit that group.

  • Alternatively, click on the cogwheel icon under Actions and then Edit a group to edit the group.

Step 3

  • Navigate to the box labelled Group managers and then click in the box to select a group manager from the dropdown.

  • You can also type in the user's name to narrow the list.

  • Click Save to save the changes.

Note: If the group you wish to assign a group manager to does not exist, you can select Create a group on the top righthand side of the Groups page. This will allow you to create a new group and assign a group manager at the same time.

Note: Once a user has been added as a group manager, they will receive an email to notify them of their new access.

Note: An admin can not be set as a group manager as they already have access to post to all groups.

Recommended groups to set up with group managers

Group managers can be used for all Open and Restricted groups (read more about the different group types here).

Here are some ideas to help you make the most of this function:


Recommended Group Managers

Potenital scenarios

Year groups

Year coordinators

To provide updates on year-specific announcements and/or reminders.

Sports groups

Sports coordinators, trainers

Use Audiri to collect permission from sports-specific groups and announce games. As an example, an upcoming rugby match.

Class groups

Classroom or homeroom teachers

To provide updates to parents on class-specific items including photos from excursions or in-class activities.

P&C committees/groups

P&C coordinators

To help fundraise for the school by using Audiri as a platform to engage with parents. They can also survey parents using Forms.

Volunteer groups

Volunteer coordinator

To communicate any key activities to regular volunteers and/or ask for more volunteers through Forms.

Frequently ask questions

Can I provide access to post only?

No. Access to Forms and Events is required, as these items can be attached to a post created on the web console. However, the group manager will only have access to the group you give them access to, meaning they won't be able to create posts, events or forms for any other groups.

I am trying to allocate a user as a group manager but I can't select them.

If the user is already an administrator, they already have the highest possible access and can access the features for all groups and categories, so there is no need to make them a group manager. If they are not an administrator, make sure they have the app and if all else fails, please contact our team using the chat icon at the bottom righthand corner of the web console.

What if I only want the user to have access to the completed form submissions?

No problem! Use conditional notifications to enable another team member to automatically receive emails with access to completed form submissions when the parent submits them. Read more here.

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