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My School Connect FAQs for parents
My School Connect FAQs for parents
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Contact My School Connect

Phone: 1300 030 915

How do I sign up?

Setting up an account is quick and easy! Just click on "Join Today", then select your school, enter a few key details and you’re ready to go!

I need to edit or cancel my Canteen order

You can edit or cancel your order at any time so long as it is BEFORE the Store cut off time.
Simply login to your My School Tuckshop account and follow the steps below:

1. Go to My Account / Order History
2. Locate the order you would like to edit or cancel
3. Apply edits or select cancel order
4. Select confirm when prompted. Your order has now been cancelled and your payment will be refunded. *If the cut off time has lapsed select “Get Help with this order”

I can’t see the menu

In order to see the menu, you need to add a student or update your student's details. Go to My Account / My Students - add or edit. If you are still having difficulty seeing the menu after doing this, please contact us.

I can’t activate my account

My School Connect can have only one parent activate the account. If you would like to change the email address attached the the account you can do so under Settings once the account is activated.

How do I top-up or add auto top-up?

Go to Parent Dashboard
Select Top Up and Financial History
Select Top Up to add funds to your account - either from your bank account or credit card OR
Select Auto Top Up and follow the steps to set a top up amount when the balance gets low

You can check out more here: My School Connect FAQs.

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