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How to receive additional information through Groups
How to receive additional information through Groups

Groups are created by schools or organisations to provide you with news and information related to specific topics or events.

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In this article, we will explain what Groups are, how you can find them, and how to join or leave them.

What is a Group?

  • A Group is a way for schools or organisations to share information and news with members who are interested in specific topics.

  • These Groups can be related to a specific year, class, sport, event, and more.

  • Each Group can provide you with access to additional news, pictures, events, and forms.

Where can I find my Groups?

  • To access Groups, simply go to the Resources screen and tap on the Groups card.

  • If you are subscribed to multiple schools or organisations, the list of Groups will be separated by each school or organisation.

Types of Groups

  • There are two types of Groups: open and restricted.

  • Restricted Groups function the same way as open Groups, but you need to request access to join them.

  1. Open Groups

    1. Open groups are typically used for specific content such as notices related to classes, music, sports, and other extracurricular activities.

  2. Restricted

    1. A restricted Group can be identified by the lock icon.

    2. Joining a restricted Group requires you to request access, which an Admin from your school or organisation needs to approve.

    3. You can unsubscribe from a Group at any time.

      1. If you unsubscribe and want to join the Group again later, you will need to request access again.

How do I subscribe or unsubscribe from a Group?

  • To subscribe or unsubscribe from a Group, navigate to your Groups list from the Resources screen.

  • From there, you can scroll through the list of available Groups and toggle each Group on or off as required.

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