How to add users to a group

Learn how to add users to an open or restricted group

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  • All users are automatically added to Everyone groups upon setting up their account on the Audiri app.

  • Users also have access to subscribe to Open or Restricted groups via the Audiri app.

There are three methods to add a user to an Open or Restricted group:

  1. Users can manually subscribe to available groups via the Audiri app.

  2. Users can be added to Audiri via the admin web console and added to specific groups in the same step.

    1. Read more about adding users to Audiri here.

  3. Users can be added via the Assign Groups on the Users page, follow the below steps to learn how you can do this in the Console.

Adding users to a group

Before you start, please ensure the group has been created in the Groups list.

Note: Manage groups by navigating to the All Features menu on the left-hand menu of your admin web console. Then click on the Groups tile, which will take you to a page which shows existing groups that you can edit or where you can create new ones.

Step 1

  • Navigate to the Users page and select the user that is required to be added to a group.

  • You can also select multiple users by ticking the checkboxes next to their names.

  • For bulk group actions, you can use the filter by group option to first filter the list by a specific group and then use the top check box to select all users in that group.

Step 2

  • Once the users have been selected, click on the Assign groups button (located at the top of your screen).

  • A pop up will appear and confirm the number of users selected.

  • Use the dropdown field to select the groups you would like the users to be added to.

  • You can also type in the group name to easily find the group in the list.

Step 3

  • Click on submit to complete the action.

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