How to share the Newsletter

Learn how to post your newsletter using Audiri.

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  • Use Audiri Newsletter feature to build your web-based newsletter and to enable sharing via a mobile-responsive weblink.

  • Sharing your newsletter via a weblink means that your audience will always have access to the latest version of a newsletter, even if you make changes to it after you have sent out the link.

  • This is a superior method to sending out a PDF, which cannot be updated.

Note: This article is for sharing a webview link to a newsletter that has been created using the Audiri Newsletter feature. The link allows a user to view the newsletter on any browser or device. To learn how to share a PDF version of the newsletter, please click here.

Getting the link

  • Follow the below steps to create a weblink of your Audiri newsletter.

Step one

  • When you have finished working on your newsletter and you are ready to share, click on Preview & Publish.

Step two

  • On the following page scroll through the preview of the newsletter.

  • If there are any changes that need to be done, click on Edit newsletter on the top right-hand side of the page.

  • When you're ready to share, click on Publish newsletter.

Step three

  • On the pop-up box select one of the following options:

    • Stay on this page - this allows you to continue to preview the newsletter.

    • Publish changes - this allows you make the changes live.

  • Once Publish changes is clicked, a pop-up will appear with the URL link and a button which allows you to copy the link to your device's clipboard (Copy link).

    • Afterwards, click on Okay.

  • The link is ready to be shared across all your channels.

Share the link in a Post

Step one

  • By sharing the link to the newsletter in a post, all users who have downloaded the Audiri app will receive the post, directing them to the newsletter.

  • Once you have copied the URL, navigate to the Posts page on your Audiri web console.

    • To do this, click on the Posts menu on the left-hand side of your screen.

    • This will take you to the Posts page.

  • From here, click on Create post.

Step two

  • In the weblink section, paste the URL that you copied in the first step.

Step three

  • Double check the Recipient group you're sharing the post with.

  • To share with everyone, select an All Users group.

  • Once completed, click on Publish on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

  • Once published, the newsletter will be sent out to the recipients of the post.

  • Users can click on the link and it will open the newsletter within their browser, on any device.

Top tip: you can use the same link to share the eNewsletter on your school's Facebook page or to your school website.

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