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How to ensure you receive app notifications from the Audiri app
How to ensure you receive app notifications from the Audiri app

Troubleshoot app notifications.

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Have you added a school/business to your app but are not receiving the alerts on your phone to notify you about new posts? Below are a few settings you can check to ensure you receive the app notifications as expected.

  • Your phone could be turning off app notifications in favour of battery optimisation.

  • This means you may not receive certain app notifications.

  • The following steps show you how to troubleshoot this, based on the type of device.

Method 1. Enable the app to run in the background

Samsung Phones

  • On the Samsung device notifications, ensure you have enabled the app to run in the background.

    • On your device, open Settings > General

    • Scroll down and choose Apps.

    • Scroll down and select Audiri > Battery > Allow background activity.

Oppo Phones

  • Step 1

    • Go to Settings > Advanced settings > Battery Manager > Protected Apps

    • Look for the Audiri app and select Protect it.

    • This means the phone will stop closing the Audiri app so that you can continue to receive the app notifications.

  • Step 2

    • Go to Settings > Apps > Advanced > Ignore Battery Optimisations

    • Find the Audiri and select Ignore it.

    • This means the battery optimisation function will ignore the Audiri app so that it can continue to run.

    • You will still receive the app notifications even while the battery is low.

  • Step 3

    • Go to Settings > Notification Panel & Status Bar > Notification Centre.

    • Find the Audiri app and enable Allow Notifications and Priority Display.


Method 1. Restart Your iPhone/iPad

  • Try restarting your device.

    • Turn your device off and on again.

    • This simple step can sometimes reset settings, which may allow you to start receiving the notifications again.

Method 2. Ensure Focus mode is not active

  • If you have enabled a Focus (Apple's Do Not Disturb feature) on your iPhone or iPad, this would prevent the device from alerting you each time there are messages, notifications, calls, or other notifications.

  • Disabling this feature will fix the issue of not receiving app notifications.

Method 3. Ensure Notifications have been switched on

  • Open Settings > Notifications.

  • Scroll to the Audiri app and ensure the notifications are as below.

Method 4. Reset Network Settings

  • If you are still not receiving notifications on your Apple device (iOS), resetting the network settings may help.

  • This method will not delete any data on your iPhone/iPad. It would only reset your network settings.

    • On your device, open Settings > General.

    • Scroll down and choose Reset.

    • Tap on the Reset Network Settings option.

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