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Troubleshooting Audiri app access issues: FAQ
Troubleshooting Audiri app access issues: FAQ

Can't access your Audiri app? Here are some tips and answers to frequently asked questions

Updated over a week ago

I don't own the email address I use to log in to Audiri

  • You need access to the email address to reset the password.

  • The person who owns the account will receive the reset password email and they can reset the password.

I’m not receiving my reset password email

  • Please allow approximately 15 minutes to receive your reset password email, ensuring that you check both your junk and spam folders.

If your email address is not recognised

  • Please ensure you are entering the email address you have registered with Audiri.

  • If you need any further assistance please go to the Audiri app login screen and click on Need help? Contact us link.

  • You can also go to the Audiri app and give it a shake to access the Report a Bug form.

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