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How to archive a Post

Manage your content by archiving old posts.

Updated over a week ago

Keep your post list up to date by to archiving old posts. Once they've been archived, posts will still be accessible to you, should you require to come back to them in the future.

Follow the below steps to learn how to archive a post:

Step 1

  • Navigate to the Posts page by clicking on the Posts tab on the left-hand side menu of your web console.

  • The Posts page will display a list of existing posts.

  • You can toggle between the Live list of posts and the Archived lists of posts by clicking on the Live and Archived buttons under big heading "Posts".

Step 2

  • Whilst viewing the Live list, click on the empty check box in front of the post title that you wish to archive.

  • Click on the Archive button, which appears in the top, right-hand corner of your screen.

  • A pop-up will appear to ask you to confirm that you'd like to archive the post

    • Click Archive to confirm.

  • You will notice that the archived post has moved to the Archived list.

    • The status of the post will also have changed from Published to Archived.

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