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How to manage requests to Restricted Groups
How to manage requests to Restricted Groups

Learn how to reject or approve access to restricted Groups.

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This article outlines how you can manage requests to Restricted groups.

  • To join a Restricted group, the user must first navigate to the Groups page on the Audiri app.

  • Select 'Add / remove groups' form the Groups screen and then search for the group by typing in the group name or scrolling through the list.


All restricted groups will have a 'lock' icon next to it. Click on the '+' icon to add the group and then a pop up will appear to confirm their request.

Once a User has subscribed to the group, a red notification icon will appear next to the Pending requests button on the main menu. Click on Pending requests to see the list of requests.

Then click on the checkbox next to the user's name and then select Reject or Approve in the top right-hand section of the screen to either reject or approve the request.

Once approved or rejected, the user's request will come off the list automatically.

Top tip: You can use the headers to sort the columns.

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