How to Access Completed Forms

Access completed forms to print, download or export into a CSV.

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All user can access the forms from the Audiri app. Once a form has been completed, a copy of the completed form will be sent to the form submission email which can be accessed by clicking on the attachment or clicking on the View submission button.

For Outlook or Microsoft users: The email server may block or corrupt the file attached. To access or view the submission from the email, please click on the view submission button in the email or right click and copy and paster the URL into your browser (Google Chrome is recommended).

There are two ways to access the completed forms on the Console:

  • Export as a CSV

  • Print as a PDF

Step 1

To access the completed forms, navigate to Forms from the main menu. This will take you to the list of Forms. Use the headers to sort your list if required. Otherwise, in the Submissions column, select the underlined number for the relevant form. This opens all past submission, ordered by latest received submission.

Again, you can use the headers to sort your list if required.

Step 2

Click the checkbox for each of the forms that require to be exported or printed.

Step 3

Once selected, click on Print to PDF on the top right-hand corner to download a PDF copy of the form. Alternatively, you can click on Export to CSV to export the details into a CSV file (Excel).

Select Download to save the file or files to your computer. Once the required form/s have been downloaded, remember to click on Mark processed to change the status from New to Processed.

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