How to send a PDF newsletter
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Firstly, why are you sending PDF newsletters? Audiri has a better solution. Your dedicated Account Manager is available to help you get set up! Drop us a line or start a chat with us using the chat window on the right hand corner.

1. To send a PDF newsletter, open the console and select create a Post.

2. Create the post by entering a title and content.

3. To upload a PDF newsletter:

a. Click to expand the 'Documents' section.

b. Drag and drop the file into the document section, or choose the file click 'select the file from computer'.
c. When the file is uploaded, you will see the file icon and name.

d. To remove the file, select the trash can.

Top tip: If the file (i.e. PDF Newsletter) you are uploading is too large, compress the file using a file compressor before attaching it to a post. There are a lot of online tools you can use, such as Small PDF and more.

4. Select the recipients by group name.

5. Choose the date and time for the newsletter post is to go out to your community.

6. When the post is ready, select to 'Publish' or 'Schedule' if the post is going out at a later day or time.

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