How to Create an Event

Learn more about creating events.

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Step 1

From your home screen, select Event to create an event.

Step 2

Fill in the event title (1), description (2) and upload any documents (3), images and/or a (4) weblink.

Step 3

Use the right-side menu to select the invitees and set the date, time and location.

  1. Invitees: Use this field to choose who to send it to. The list is populated by group names, you can type to filter the list or select from the dropdown.

  2. Set the date and time: Use the 'All day event' checkbox for an all-day event, or leave unselected to manually choose the start and end time for your event.

  3. Location: Type in the address or name of the location as required.

Once created, the event will appear in the calendar only. If you need to inform or remind your community of this event, create a new post to let them know.

Coming soon: When creating an event, you will have the option to create a post at the same time.

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