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How to sort Posts by Title, Group, Status or Date
How to sort Posts by Title, Group, Status or Date

Easily find posts using the column headers.

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  • All posts that have been created are visible in the list of posts on the Posts screen.

  • Using the sort function is a quick way to find the post you are looking for.

To sort posts using the list headings (Title, Groups, Status, Last updated), follow these steps:

Step 1

  • Using the menu located on the left-hand side of the screen, navigate to the Posts page by clicking on the Posts menu item.

Step 2

The list consists of four columns with the following headings:

  • Title

  • Groups

  • Status

  • Last updated

  • All the column headings can be used to sort the list of posts.

  • Clicking on the heading will sort the list by that property, whether it be alphabetically by Title or Groups; by Status; or by Last updated.

  • Hovering over the headings will show an arrow on the right of the heading.

  • Click on the arrow to toggle the list between ascending and descending order.

  • The arrow will stay visible next to the header that is currently sorting the posts.

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