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  • Groups are an easy way to manage user permissions in Audiri for a number of users at once.

  • They are useful in managing what specific users can access within the Audiri app.

  • They provide the ability to target specific content to specific audiences.

There are three group types:

Open Groups

  • Open Groups require that users manually subscribe to them.

  • Subscribing to an Open Group allows the user to receive the information targeted to that specific Group.

  • Targeted content can be, for example, notices related to specific classes, music, sports and other extracurricular activities. This is content that is not intended for the whole school but just select group of users.

How users can subscribe to open groups in the Audiri app

  • New users joining your school can subscribe to Open Groups by following these steps in the Audiri app:

    • Click on the Resources icon at the bottom of the screen.

    • Click on the Groups card that appears on the Resources page.

    • A list of all the Groups that have been created by the school appears, allowing the user to subscribe by sliding the button to the right of the group's name, to the right-hand side.

    • The user can also unsubscribe to a Group by sliding the button to the left.

Everyone (all-user groups)

  • Also known as All-user Groups, these Groups do not require any manual management.

  • Users are automatically subscribed to these Groups when they subscribe to your school.

  • Users cannot unsubscribe from All-user Groups.

  • When sending communication to All-User Groups, everyone who is following your school is included.

    • Any communication sent to an All-User Group will then appear in the designated tile on the Posts tab.

Restricted groups

  • These Groups function exactly like Open Groups and are created for targeted content.

  • However, a user must request to join the Group in order to gain access to the content.

  • Once a user has requested access, an Audiri administrator from the school/organisation must grant access by approving the request.

  • The request can also be rejected by the Audiri administrator.

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