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How to add a user or upload users via CSV
How to add a user or upload users via CSV

Instructions on how to create an account for one or more Audiri users

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There are three ways users can be added to your Audiri account:

  1. Users can create an account through the Audiri app.

  2. Add a single user from the admin console.

Add a single user from the admin console

  • This method is recommended if you only need to add users on an ad-hoc basis. We recommend uploading a CSV file for adding users in bulk.

Step one

  • Navigate to the All features page from the main menu (located on the left-hand side of the screen), then click on the Users card to open the Users page.

  • At the top, right-hand side of the Users page is a dropdown menu named Actions.

  • Click Actions and then Add individual user.

Step two

  • Complete the fields for the user's First Name, Last Name, Email, and Access Level (Reader/Administrator).

  • You can also add the user to relevant groups in this step.

Step three

  • Once all the details have been completed, click on:

    • Add, to add the user and keep the Add a new user window open (if you need to add more than one user); or

    • Add & close, to add the user and close the Add a new user window if you don't need to add anyone else.

Note: Adding an existing user's email will update their personal information (Name, Access Level, and Groups).

Adding bulk users from the admin console via a CSV file

  • Users can be added to Audiri in bulk by uploading a comma-separated values (CSV) file.

  • During this process, users can also be added to specific groups.

  • This tool can be used to add or overwrite users and groups.

Note: We have streamlined this process allowing you to upload a single CSV file for up to 1,500 Users and Groups.

Saving a spreadsheet as a CSV file using Microsoft Excel

  1. In your Excel spreadsheet, click File.

  2. Then click Save As.

  3. Click Browse to choose where you want to save your file.

  4. Select CSV from the Save as type drop-down menu.

  5. Finish by clicking click Save.

Saving a spreadsheet file using Google Sheets

  1. From the sheets file, click on File and select Download as.

  2. There, select Comma-separated values.

  3. This will download the file as a CSV.

Once you have your CSV file ready, follow the below steps to add users via the import tool.

Using the Bulk Import tool

Step 1

  • In the admin console, navigate to the Users page by clicking on the All Features tab in the left-hand menu, then click on Users.

  • Click on the Actions button in the top, right-hand corner of the Users page.

  • Select the Bulk import users option.

  • Now follow the prompts to prepare your CSV file and upload it for processing.

Click on the formatting hyperlink to see an example of how your CSV file should be formatted. The file should have 4 columns, with the following items in the order below:

  1. Last name

  2. First name

  3. Email

  4. Group name

Note: No column headers are required and the file is limited to a maximum of 1,500 rows per import. The 4th column can be left empty if you do not wish to add your users to particular groups. All new users will be added to your 'Everyone' group/s.

  • Once your CSV file is ready, you can drag and drop it to the Drop CSV file here box on the Bulk import users pop-up or click on select from computer and select the file to upload.

Step 2

  • Once the CSV file has been uploaded, the import tool will identify and show the number of new users and groups to be created.

  • Please review the sample preview of your users and groups.

  • If you're happy with the preview, click Proceed to review and import - or click Back to upload another file

Step 3

  • If your CSV file contains existing users or group names, you can choose to replace them with those mentioned in your CSV file. Do this by clicking the Replace users & groups button.

Note: Replacing users and groups will overwrite your existing users and groups. However, existing users won't receive a new invitation email and will still be able to use their existing login details.

  • Alternatively, you can choose to update your existing users and groups with the information in your CSV file. Do this by clicking the Update users & groups button.

Note: Updating users and groups will add users to your existing groups. This means that old users will remain in those existing groups.

  • If you need to edit your CSV file before replacing or updating users and groups, click on the Upload new file button to go back a step.

Step 4

  • Once you have confirmed the CSV upload, you will see an overview of the changes to your users and groups.

  • The summary shows you all new users and groups to be added as well as all existing users and groups to be updated or replaced.

  • You can View all new and modified groups by clicking on the link.

  • If you're happy with the changes click Complete bulk import

Step 4

  • This is the final step and your changes are ready to be imported. before you update or replace your existing users and groups, you can take a copy by clicking the Click here to download button.

  • Now you can either Discard all changes by clicking the link, or

  • If you're happy to proceed and make the changes, click the Finish and return to Users screen

Note: All Invited users will receive news sent to the Everyone or All users groups, as well as news sent to the groups they have been manually assigned to during the import.

If you have any question or need any assistance with this process, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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