How to Use the Text Editor

Learn more about text formatting.

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Formatting posts can help you structure and highlight your content. The below is a guide on how to use the text editor in Audiri.

  1. Undo / Redo: Use this to undo or redo an action

  2. Font format: use the Bold, Italics or Font colour options to format your font.

  3. Text alignment: Use these functions to format the text alignments. Options include Left, Center, Right and Justify.

  4. Bullet points and Numbered lists: Format the text to be bullet points or a numbered list.

  5. Emojis: Include some character to your content using your favourite smileys.

  6. Remove Format: Use this tool to remove the formatting from the selected text.

For ease of use, download a grammar/text tool to help you with editing your text. Grammarly, Outwrite or Writefull are great tools to use.

Other functions

Custom Font colours

To use a custom colour click on the Font colour icon and then select the paint palette icon. A small window will pop up with the option to use an RGB or Hex code to determine the custom colour.

Include links in the post by right-clicking on the text and then selecting Link. A window will pop up to complete the setup.

To remove any links, right-click on the text again and then select Remove link.

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